ARP stands for “Art Rebel Party”. We are a multicultural virtual incubator space for creative collaboration, giving platform to artists based in China to express their passion and collaborate on unique projects with leading brands. Our database gives rebels in music, visual art, photography, film, dance, fashion and other creative fields opportunities to hold parties, exhibits, workshops, screenings or any event related to music and art, with support from brands or NGOs. Originating from Acupuncture Records, creator and partner of China’s first electronic music festival INTRO, and host to hundreds of parties throughout China, ARP works closely with both Chinese and Internationally renowned cutting edge artists and creatives. ARP also boasts a range of successful collaborations with major brand partners, and our aim is to foster an atmosphere where projects with leading artists and brands gain recognition, increase their global reach and become a part of a greater global community. Through many successful events and partnerships, ARP has become a fixture in China’s creative landscape. Come join the party with us!

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